I told sportkilt I was going to post a message and see if I could drive up hits on there website... I should have done it before Monday! If you get a chance please just swing by the website..Thank you...Marcus

Tell them the Irish Hand Grenade sent you.

ttt how was your st pattys marcus?

I was on a airplane or in a air port the entire day... it SUCKED...thanks though...maybe next year I can drink some green water since i quit the booze 5 years ago.


Hey Marcus,  looking forward to your next fight..  Always a good time.


Sport Kilt® - Promoting The Celtic Tradition. Affordably !

slide kilt images

Sport Kilt® - Promoting The Celtic Tradition. Affordably !

slide kilt images

AWESOME thanks guys!! Really appreciate it---not just saying it either...thanks... Sport kilt has been really good to me... they were my 1st sponsor and the ONLY original sponsor I have had since 2003.


Am I on crazy pills

The Irish Hand Grenade in the House!! Thks for stopping by Marcus, good luck against Swick.

I'm going to let all of you guys (humanity) in on a secret. Basically, we're divided into two warring factions: people who would purchase and wear a "sportkilt," and people who wouldn't. The ONLY purpose of our (your) existence is to MAIM AND KILL as many people from the other side as possible. That's it. Go and figure out what side you're on...and if you're a sportkilter...I'll see you in HELL, you no-good kiltie bastard!!!

(Hi Marcus!)

LOL... HA HA HA.. Out of your minds

Victory Jay supports this thread:

i got two, have had em for years. love em and it seems the ladies do too. wore my st patty day one yesterday!

Awesome pic for Victory Jay

awsome site ttt

I don't take any money from them... I don't want money from them... they are just good people... James for Sport Kilt sent me this new kilt to replace the one the UFC took from me to auction after UFC 80---this new kilt is off the charts... I cant find it on the site but I think it will be up soon.

Thanks Jackson... Yeah Mike is tough. It is obviously my hardest test in the UFC up to now. He's a good guy too- this fight makes sense for both of us. He's coming off a not so great fight with Burkman and I'm being called a top 10 guy by some but haven't fought anyone in the top 10 yet- Swick has wins over Riggs and Loiseau. I'm already preparing and I'm more then 11 weeks out.