Kim Couture ref, who is this guy?

Is he from Calgary? What's his name?

 He's a guiy who needs a new hobby. No friggin room for a mistake like that. None.

I think this Calgary ref was busy sending a message on his Blackberry

oh he's a boxing ref

no wonder

From Edmonton Phone Post

Let's get him fired Phone Post

that was harsh

Kim should not be fighting anyway she is Living off of Randy's Great Name she is always getting worked!!!

Len was actually one of the first boxing refs to actively support sanctioning for mma in our province, he actively pursued education in the then new sport by visiting mma gyms such as mine to learn about submissions, positioning as well other specific mma techniques.
I've had my fighter's bouts officiated by him numerous times and have had no negative experiences with him at all. On the contrary he was attentive, professional and was very knowledgable about what was going on in the cage.
He was slow recognizing this particular situation where it seems like the lack of a tap and Kim's open eyes may have slowed down his stoppage a little.

Personally as a coach I have no problem with Len as a ref and will have no issue with him reffing bouts with my athletes involved.