Kimbo hatred.

God its fucking stupid. It makes me fucking ANGRY. Lets think about this. Years ago many people on the UG where watching Kimbo knocking peoples eyeballs through their fucking skulls. They made thread after thread about "Kimbo vs this legitimate guy" or "That legitimate guy" Curiousity begins to kill kittens. His urban legend grows because of the public and mma fan base at large. Then he gets put into bigger shows just as the fans called for him to, and training with legit people and people call him out by saying he is a farce or this or that.......BULLSHIT. You put him there by paying to watch or tuning in.

People, especially boring ass, nerdy fighters with no marketing appeal at all are acting like they got a bruised pussy because Kimbo is making more money than them like its KIMBOS FAULT. Its not his fault people. He just showed the fuck up and did what most never do. Its the peoples fault who marketed him and tried to make a story out of Kimbo. Saw something the general public would like to cheer on and then supported it. Dont get mad and Kimbo, get mad at Kimbos sponsors, get mad at CBS, get mad at Elite XC, get mad at most of all yourselves. Kimbo isnt and wasnt doing anything wrong but doing what everyone else would have done.........get his bread.

He is a fraud as an MMA fighter and we all knew it! Its only uneducated people who think he is tough in MMA.

i think people really don't know where to put thier anger about the situation. you are right though, it isn't Kimbo's fault. anyone would take the chance he was given.

What the fighters are really mad about though is the situation. they've trained long and hard, fought tough fights, and they feel like they are being disrespected being passed over for a street fighter. NOTHING wrong with them feeling that way.

not sure why you are giving them shit for it though. calling people 'nerdy' fighters, with 'bruised pussy's'. weren't you on here just a couple months ago complaining and wanting to give up the sport b/c people you trained with left you to go on to bigger and better things and you not getting the recognition?

He is a fraud as an MMA fighter and we all knew it"

You didnt know shit you fucking nerd.

 This thread is kinda like this picture..

 You just like him because he's black...

the darker the berry...

LOL @ the bread pic.

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Ko'd by the white ki..oh U guys know the rest!

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I know one thing, Kimbo's not losing any sleep over what these idiots here have to say.

Of course not, morphine and all it's derivatives will put you right out. Seth Petruzelli even made sure he got a little extra nap time.

Don't hate Kimbo the man, hate the machine who promotes him and builds him up as something he is clearly not.

Kimbo said himself, he's still new at this and he's still learning.

Is that Italian bread?

Keoni Fuck you I did you idiot!! You do not walk into a sport with highly trained athletes who also can fight from fighting people in the street you fing tird.

they just jealous of kimbo's crackas (bread). fuck them

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They guy is like 35 and smokes yea he convinced me he would storm the MMA world!!! He has not even fought anyone yet!! He has gotten tooled by Thompson in a bs stoppage and Petruzelli killed him. Stick by boxing you fraud.

Takes a lot more than being a thug to do well in MMA.

Kimbo fans are like DEms. and Rep. always bitching one way or the other.