Kimbo Remains Unbeaten in Boxing now 3-0! just got word from Icey Mike Imber manager of Kevin Ferguson better known as Kimbo Slice that he remained unbeaten tonight in Oklahoma as he won a unanimous decision vs. Charles Hackman three rounds to one.  Kimbo continues to rise up the ranks as a heavyweight in the boxing world as he is now working with world class boxing coach John David Jackson.

Speaking to CageJunkies Kimbo said “I tried to knock him the f-ck out.  Got a lot of work to do.” 

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And the hustle continues Phone Post

Get that paper, kimbo! Phone Post


da main man!

and the give a shit does not

From what Icey Mike told me he beat the crap out of the opponent.

TTT for the uprising!

One more for my boy kimbo before i crash :).

 I'm happy for Kimbo. He is a true fighter, and I wish him well

yep ...wouldnt mind being in his shoes :)

 What was his opponents record?

What is his opponents combined record?

Grats Kimbo :)