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 he should have been the wildcard in the SF tournament


 Can't blame the man for getting that bread!

Well he is street certified.. so..

trent205 -  well hey im man enough to admit when i am wrong! I bow down before the knowledge of the UG masters! ;)

 Now, that's more like it!

Don't see how he is going to be able to train for wrestling with his knees fucked any better than he can for boxing.

DSaint - 
CarlWinslow - 
trent205 -  well than i guess i will pull my foot out of my mouth ..... lol you sure that wasnt some type of shoot fighting org and not a wrestling org

nope it was wrestling.... its a common mistake.. i dont even think the ug can call you a tuff noob from stuff from the 80's haha

but this just goes to show that mma's roots lie in prowrestling...

 Carl,  with this post you have just proven yourself to be a top 10 poster in my eyes. Congrats on having a brain, that is very rare here.

Wow Carl you have been hereby dubbed a TOP TEN POSTER by the legendary DSaint of '09! Do I hear a fap fap fap?

Dsaint do you happen to have a UG top ten poster list that I could subscribe to? (lb for lb, of course)

xeducatex - Oh and jensapw: most of the big time wrestler u know and love took up the sport after getting serious knee injuries in their respective sports. Not all are knee injuries but back neck and shoulder injuries too. Although the life of a wrestler is tough it's not quite as strenuous as 3-4 months of training 2 a days everyday till fight night then fighting. It's mostly weights for looks a bit of cardio forthe long matches which aren't often and the ability to take a lickin..... Along with a bit of coordination and athletisism Phone Post
This is complete and utter BS, the typical wrestler sustains a lot more daily wear and tear than the average MMA fighter.

However, in the case of Kimbo his ailments and lack of in-ring ability can be "hidden" by using various techniques. In a major promotion like WWE or even TNA he can spend the first year of his career never having a real match. He can take on an enforcer/bodyguard type role and only do run ins or squash matches. And even after his invincibility is inevitable shattered, he can be carried in his matches by a more experienced worker. That will take most of the bumps for him.