Kimbo vs Roger Huerta

For the last year or so, I have read countless people bashing Roger Huerta and UFC for him getting a push.

I would say I have seen the complete opposite in regards to Kimbo, how come?

Huerta may be more experienced then Kimbo and therefore deserve harder fights, but seeing the garbage that Kimbo fought in main events let alone Roger was mostly on undercards is uncompareable.

Is the landing strip on Kimbo's chest that much more of a fanbois advantage?

 Huerta has never fought an absolute bum in the I see no comparision whatsoever....

I call Kimbo main eventers "Elite BF"  Bum Fights -

where do these dumb threads come from

 Huerta - good call on the big difference.

Huerta fought a legit top 10 opponent for his first main event.

Kimbo has fought against 2 total cans in two main events....

The difference here is that one organization actually gives a fuck about the sport -