Kimbo vs. Shamrock

Another bad match-up. Shamrock has not performed in freakin' years. I cannot recall a fight that has been good in the past 8 years...

epic fail if they set this one up...Kimbo by easy knockout....

yeah Kimbo must be GOAT, cause all they do is feed him cans...

RIP Shamrock if it happens.

Kimbo would get schooled on the ground...

Ken would win by submission easily

Ken takes him down and subs him. Anti climactic.

" Ken would win by submission easily "

Ya the Ken from back in the day...But Ken in the present will not past 30 secs. Cuz Gary Shaw will make sure of that $$$$$$

LOL @ Ken via submission...if you look at his last 10 fights, his record is 3-7. In those 3 wins, only one was the result of a submission (kimura vs. Sam Adkins in 2001).

He is also 44 years old.

Face it, Ken has never lived up to the hype, he has always been subpar at best.

I'm not a big Kimbo fan at all...but this match-up? it just keeps the Kimbo hype going for a little longer.... :(

"I cannot recall a fight that has been good in the past 8 years... "

He looked good in the work with Kimo.

IF Ken took this fight to the ground, he would wreck Kimbo. The only problem is, the post-WWE Shammy falls into the trap of thinking he is a boxer. If he does that versus Kimbo, he will be the one getting wrecked.

not good for mma imo

Saku almost knocked Ken right out of the building. Kimbo will wreck him. Don't see much point in this match up.

I'd rather see him face Brett Rogers.

Sad. Ken's MMA career has possibly come to this.

ken has good wrestling

wouldnt b smart to fight kimbo standing

shamrock has one of the worse closed guards in mma history... I really dont think he even knows what a open guard is.... Shamrock will be over powered and his quickness isnt even close to kimbo's... Scamrock has not improved since he started... Ref stoppage in the second round... Hopefully kimbo fights some higher skilled opponents....

Ken has to start working on standing still and his instant face planting a la Tank if EliteXC is gonna put this one together...

Kimbo is a far better athlete than even a prime Ken. Larger, faster, younger, MUCH better standup. I still love Ken, but he'd get KO'd quick.

Ken's a step up from Tank, considering he could possibly sub Kimbo. However, I have no faith he can survive standing long enough to get Kimbo to the ground considering he couldn't even handle Sakuraba's punching power.

I disagree about Kimbo being a better athlete than a prime Ken. Watch Ken in the WWE - the guy was a helluva athlete. These days I think Kimbo would KO him considering how he did against Sakuraba.

"Larger, faster, younger, MUCH better standup"

Nuff said