Kimbo will win, I'm 100% sure!

The fight is an absolute mismatch and will end quickly. Mr. Slice will barely be tested. As a formality, Mr Kimbo Slice has been training harder than ever, not that he needs to in order to defeat Gannon but he has been, none the less. Gannons only hope would be to take down Slice but even that is a long shot as Kimbo has great footwork and balance. Taking him down will be a tall order and if successful in the take down attempt, Gannon will have suffered so mach damage, it fight will end shortly thereafter. I give major props to Gannon for even taking this fight. He is hopelessly overmatched. He has never faced an opponent the caliber of Kimbo and tonight he will pay dearly for underestimating him. You heard it here first!

Ok, HOW do you know this information about Kimbo?

Kimbo is a true brawler,what does that say about training MMA if Kimbo does win?

It means he must be training MMA.

It doesn't say a thing being that there are other variables involved besides the training aspect. Slice is just a meaner, rougher, tougher man than Gannon is. Training only offsets so much and in this case, it will not be enough to offset the attributes Kimbo Slice brings to the table. This fight will be like a bjj blue belt taking on an untrained Ray Lewis. The outcome is a forgone conclusion and it will not favor the trained MMA practitioner.

I agree,growing up rough and being naturally tough are the best assets to have.Good chin,and high pain threshhold is how I won all my stret fights.My strength and agression is all I've ever needed on the street,even after Boxing/MMA I still only had to use my strength when bouncing to handle the average guy.If ya can't hurt me than you better have a gun. :)

" Kimbo is a true brawler,what does that say about training MMA if Kimbo does win?"

Well, Gannon isn't exactly a known MMA fighter. Kimbo is definately a brawler, but he obviously knows something about boxing and has some realy training.

I agree,I don't even know who Gannon is.Both are sort of unknowns,should be a fun little brawl though for them.

Kimbo's last opponent was fighting up hill, Gannon is a smart man and knows his gradients, he will make sure he is fighting downhill. Then we will see what Kimbo is truely made of, TTT 4 the "Fight of the Year" and the use of gravity as an underated tool in a fighter's inventory!

If Gannon is able to fully harness the power of gravity he will walk away victorious and $5k richer!

Yep,was in a car wreck here in January,been stuck here ever since. lol Just started 'walking' again.Is the Kimbo fight happeneing close to here?


It should be interesting either way,I don't really know of either of them...but these challenge matches are always fun.

I am 78.26573% sure Kimbo will win and 21.73427% sure Gannon will win...


Where's the eat crow post?

I'm 100% sure that gannon won

i am sure Gannon will win ahem has won by way of at least 3 knockdowns wiht a ill attempted double leg by Kimbo but hey,, u dont to listen to my drivel here


It's been one year and this fight is still being talked about. Although I was slgihtly incorrect about my predictions, clearly Mr. Slice has proven to be a household name and fighting legend.