Kimbo's Ray vs Jorge Rematch (vid)

rematch between kimbo's boy, ray, and, jorge, who beat him a few months ago... another great bareknuckle fight... both guys tough as hell... haven't seen it posted so apologies if it's old news:


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Jorge won AGAIN! Ol' boy needs to give it up talking about "we'll go three". "Bitch, please! Now,what you need to do is hand my coat and roll me some dope!" lol

ray was doing well when he was being patient and boxing smart. then he
started being a dipshit and getting impatient. he got his ass handed to
him again soon after that. he looked better in this fight than his first



For whatever reason, Jorge looked far worse technically in this fight.

Jorge wasn't controlling the head in the plume and got dumped on has ass every time he tried it


Good clip.

Lots of "Co~no!" from onlookers...
What genre is Jorge (Cuban, Boriqua?)

Jorge is the first MMA fighter (that I have seen) to out it up inside and outside the Ring. I saw him compete in NAGA (advanced) and he has great Wrestling/Sub skills also. He also had the balls to rematch with a bigger tough guy. He is the Real Deal.

Did they take out the 'Metal thing'?

yeah im almost positive that is the same backyard without the metal
thing. i guess the miami state athletic commission decided to veto the
metal thing. also, there is a 10 count now apparently instead of a 30

Why were they kicking and throwing knees? I thought these fights were punches only?

Damn - the 'miami state athletic commission' is already watering down the Street Boxin that we know and love.

It's funny to me that everyone who supported "streetboxing" always said that it wasn't supposed to be MMA but now they have kicks, knees, and take downs. No ground fighting yet, but it's coming. Then they will have evolved to where our sport started. I'm sure the FFA guys have been educating these guys a lot. Good for them. I'm not naming any names but I noticed a few in attendance.

Jorge got skills

Jorge is half Ecuadorian & half French-Canadian.