Kimo/Ruas promotion

What are the details of Joe promoting Kimo and Ruas resently?

Joe gave Ruas a black belt a long time ago. Joe said that he grappled with Ruas no gi and he felt as if he was black belt level. So out of curiousity, he told Ruas to put on a gi and they grappled. Joe said that Ruas felt just as good when it came to his grappling skills. So, Joe promoted him to black belt. Ruas never wears a gi, so he never wears a black belt.

I don't know anything about Joe promoting Kimo to black belt.

Here is some background info on Ruas' Bjj experience.

Apparently Ruas was a long time student of Oswaldo Alves ( a very high ranking Bjj Black belt who trained under Carlos, Helio, Oswaldo, Gastao and George Gracie - essentially the original Gracie brothers - at the original Gracie Academy in Rio. Oswaldo Alves also trained with Kimura and Isao Okano in Judo in Japan. He train Rolls Gracie in Judo. Serigo Penha is Oswaldo Alves' most famous student. Fredson "Jacare" Paixao is probably Oswaldo Alves most well-known student now. Incidently if you want to read more about Oswaldo Alves and his accomplishment there is an interview on the websight) and train with him up until brown belt level.

Ruas also trained under George Medhi up until brown belt in Judo. He wasn't graded black belt because the exam for Black belt in Judo in Brazil is very technical and I guess Ruas didn't want to waste his time going through that.

Incidently Roberto Traven and Leo Castello Branco are two Bjj black belts that are officially associated with Ruas and his team.

Another thing that is interesting is the "6 degrees" of separation between all of these guys. Both Joe Moreira and Ruas trained under George Mehdi in Judo. Roberto Traven, Leo Castello Branco and Ruas all trained in boxing under Claudio Coelho (Coelho said that Ruas and Murillo Bustamente were his best students) who also trained and currently trains Royler, Renzo, Murillo Bustamente, and Fabio Gurgel in boxing.

Romeo "Jacare", years ago put out a interview/documentary tape. On this tape "Jacare" visited Claudio Coelho's boxing school. Coelho has a wall in this gym that list all the Bjj (and some Luta Livre) guys he has trained in Boxing. Believe me it is the who's who of Bjj. All the above names were on the wall as well as others like Ralph, Vitor Belfort, Mario Sperry.

Claudio Coelho is for boxing what George Medhi is for Judo in terms of Bjj fighters passing through their schools.

Any way I guess I just want to show now only Ruas' experience in Bjj but also the connection alot of these fighters have.

thats very interesting m.g. except that Fredson Paixao and the new "Jacare" are 2 differemt fighters. And ofcourse there's Master Jiu-Jitsu and Aliance leader "Jacare" too.


My understanding is Fredson Paixao is the new "Jacare" that is the impression I got from both Oswaldo Alves and Fredson Paixao interviews on

The new jacare's first name is Ronaldo and fights for Master Team. He won 4 gold medals in both mundials last year. He just got his black belt and is very popular right now.

Fredson paixao is a former world champion. He lost in the last Mundila by triangle. He is very very good though.


My mistake! You're right!

But with that aside, my point was Ruas has alot of years of Bjj experience and one of his Bjj instructors was Oswaldo Alves who was the instructor of Bjj phenom Ronaldo "Jacare".

i heard from one of joe's black belts that kimo was promoted to black belt.

Thats true,Kimo has put it on his wall with all his medals,he trains without the PJ's.

That's cool. It was what? 10(??) years ago that Royce tapped Kimo? now Kimo himself is a BJJ black belt.

Ronaldo Jacare was trained by Alves up to brown belt if i'm correct.
Paixao is an Alves black belt.

Royce x Kimo 2! I'd pay to see that!

"Ronaldo Jacare was trained by Alves up to brown belt if i'm correct"

No he was not. He is from Amazon.


Team Master Jiu-Jitsu


Which means what?

I swear I have an article from Full Contact magazine where Oswaldo Alves says things about "Jacare" being a phenom purple belt and he was going to promote him to Black belt soon (as is Alves' custom to do) straight from purple belt shortly. This was like 2 or so years ago.

My understanding is he is a BB under Alves.

Got his BB from Master Team but i 95% sure he got trained up to purple at least by Alves.
He was with Gracie Barra before if i'm correct.


Well maybe that is the case I don't really know for sure. I do know that Alves was on record saying he was going to promote Ronaldo "Jacare" to Black belt from Purple belt which was his current belt at the time.

Alves stated that it was his custom to promote his students from purple directly to black. He wanted to wait while before doing this with Ronaldo "Jacare", but he still planned on doing it though.

Most of Ronaldo "jacare" training was under Alves.

You are 100% correct. But i think he gave him a brown belt, he didn't made him go from purple to black (like he did with one of his student). I don't know who gave him the BB.

Jacare is from the Amazon, but was training with Master Alves for a while. He competed under Alves, and wore his patch. This can be seen in the 2002 CBJJ Mundial. In 2003, Jacare had begun training with Master team, but he received his black belt from his actual professor, Carlos Henrique from Manaus.