Kimura from the guard

I've been experimenting with the Kimura from the guard b/c I feel it is one of the best preliminary attacks from the guard. I think most people here know the traditional, get up, over hook, fall into kimura, move your hips out and get your leg over his back.

But i think the method commonly used by competitors today is to have the OPPOSITE leg of the arm your kimura'ing come up and over his head and on the shoulder of the arm being kimura'ed. You have his arm in between your legs in almost a scissor position.

I picked up on this while watching my Marc Laimon remix tapes and have yet to try it out while rolling fullspeed (I have a full page of notes just on this). Its a great position to land armbars and triangles and it prevents the common spinning armbar counter to the kimura.

Who here does their kimura like this? Do you prefer this over the conventional method? Pros and cons?

At first glance it seems like the person performing the kimura with the opposite leg across would be giving up a pass...Sounds interesting, I'll try it out tomorrow.

If you're gonna do this, why not do an omoplata?

mikus, you can definately go into the omopalata from here.

If you guys maintain the kimura grip, you can have quite a bit of control over your opponent. The important thing about is that you have to be able to be aware of your opp's movements and flow with him.

For example, he can pass in only one direction from here. So he proceeds to do so. (Remember how I said in my 1st post that you have to be almost ON YOUR SIDE) You can flow with him so that your stomach is face down and now, because of your previous leg position, you are in a position for a straight arm bar position.

Also, from this kimura position, your opponent may try to roll forward out of it to relieve the pressure. Again, because of your leg positioning, he flows into an arm bar.