King Mo Explains Why He Thinks He Beat Newton


“I felt like I pushed the action, I felt like I had the bigger shots,” Lawal said.  “I was never hurt in the fight, even in the second round when he landed that neck kick – you know, it was like a slap and I was already off-balance.  I felt like I pushed the action, got the takedowns.  Granted, he might have been busier, but a lot of those kicks weren’t even landing, you know what I’m saying?  I was blocking them.  But I guess the judges like the activity.  I have no idea what they like.  I figure they go for ring-generalship and effective strikes, effective everything.  I felt like my style was more effective damage-wise, and I felt that I won the fight, but judges saw something different.  I don’t know, I have no idea.”

As far as how he felt after the fight, King Mo said he didn’t have a scratch on him.

“I guess it was tough, man, I don’t know.  I didn’t have a scratch on my body.  I felt like I did enough to win…  Not a scratch, not a bump, not a bruise.  I actually got done training earlier today, I feel alright, man.  I guess they [the judges] like the push kicks or something, I don’t know.”

The fight featured mostly stand-up, with Lawal scoring some takedowns, but not being able to control Newton from the top for very long.  King Mo takes some of the blame for that, as his training camp, he says, focused on other things.

“I think my problem was I was focusing, in my camp, I was focusing on striking and takedowns, I didn’t focus as much time on top control as I normally do.  That was the issue right there, because usually I spend a lot of time on top control.  But this fight, I was spending a lot of time focusing on striking, the takedown, and doing it over and over again.  I didn’t focus on maintaining top control in my training.  That’s what got me in trouble.”

But even with that aspect of his game suffering, King Mo believes he still did enough to win the fight.

“Yeah, the thing that happened, for me, in the first round I blew up but I kept getting better [and] stronger in the third, forth and fifth – I could have kept on going, but the thing is, I was trying to push the action, but he was kind of just trying to keep me away with the push-kicks.  I’d blame myself but when I tried to keep fighting he’d just back away and throw some more push-kicks and slap-kicks.  I’d keep on coming forward like, ‘Let’s fight!’  But he was just like – I wasn’t thinking about the score, I was just thinking about fighting.  I just wanted to put my hands on him.  But the thing is he was thinking about points, but really, I blocked – I don’t have one scratch or one bruise – I blocked probably about 75% of those shots he threw.  And the punches?  I can’t say a punch even landed, because I was slipping those punches.  He may have landed a few shots, but there was nothing behind them.

“I felt like I did the damage, I felt like I controlled the fight.  He threw a lot of kicks, but they weren’t like ‘Cro Cop’ kicks, they were more flips, like ‘Hey get off me’ kicks while backing up.  There were a few times where he actually kicked me with a push-kick and went backwards, you know, because there was no force behind it, no power behind it.  But I guess the judges, you know, I remember when we were fighting he would throw a spinning kick, it didn’t land, but the crowd would go, ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah.’  Maybe they just like the fact that he throws his kicks up there, I have no idea.”




lawl Phone Post 3.0

Sure Mo, whatever keeps you in love with your bad fights

It's when a fighter does absolutely nothing to counter those kicks. He gave the Judges zero after that 1st rnd. The Judges scored it for the right guy, it  was obvious who had won.

This dude has excuses for days! And REALLY tries to drive em home with that. Constant repetition. Lawl Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0


His cardio lost that fight. I agree he did the most damage though. If he had any gas he could have finished newton after rocking him in the fifth. Phone Post 3.0

I thought Mo won Phone Post 3.0

it was pretty close, i wouldnt have been surprised if either guy had won.


i saw it close too

mick713 - I thought Mo won Phone Post 3.0


Keep mo's name out yo mouth, we ain't never taken a punch befoe. Phone Post 3.0

LOL @ trying to claim you won a fight where the fans lost.

I think the media scores tell a different story. Good post above.

All in all the fans lost that fight....that and if one of them was a Training Mask sponsored guy then that guy lost too.

You cutting into my UG time with this...cutting into my time Phone Post 3.0

Mo, this is unseemly.

Delusional. After that neck kick, Mo looked like he was high in the cage.

He's a great athlete, and he can clearly combine his Jeff Mayweather trained boxing with his college wrestling into a brutally effective style, but his conditioning sucks, and he is unable to accept the fact that he was out-hustled in that fight.

Champions don't half-ass for 3 and 1/2 rounds in a five round championship fight.

Maybe the judges noticed him winded and always looking up at the clock?