King Mo on the Jardine/Rockhold SF Vegas card

 opponent yet to be announced.

It won't be Jardine/Mousasi/OSP.

I'm bettin it's a rematch with Fejiou which would be awesome

Isnt Feijao hurt? I know everyone was saying Mo/Feijao for the title but Feijao is hurt and Mo's SF contract ends in Feb and he probably is gonna sign with the UFC.

So if Feijao is hurt he will probably fight some like Pezao de Lima or Yoel Romero and if he wins he will sign with the UFC.

Could go either way, but leaning towards King Mo this time.

He's improved from last time and he won't have an injured knee this time. And I doubt Mo will be stupid enough be too body-shot happy at the expense of exposing himself defensively.

Mike Kyle probably Phone Post

Mr Sponge - Mike Kyle probably <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Dont they both train at AKA?

If it's Kyle, it could still work.

the thing with King Mo is he trains at different places all the time even though AKA is his primary home (Mo's tight with Rashad at Imperial Athletics & also the Black house guys)

So they can compromise and train separately for this one training camp.