King of the Gladiators 11.13.04

Heavyweight Gladiators
King of the Gladiators 8 Man Heavyweight Kickboxing Tournament-Muay Thai Marathon
Modified Muay Thai Rules-No Elbows Allowed

November 13, 2004
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Lastest line-up & info:

Keep kickin',
Duke Roufus

Fight Schedule

Under card 5pm

DRG Exhibition
1) Jessica Zagarri Vs Laura "Tomb Raider" Leach

2)Super Atom weight -111lbs
Amalia Vanmatre Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH) Vs Cory Stocks Wheat City Muay Thai (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)

3) 9-10yr old Junior Boys 70lbs
Mason "The Stone" Neumann DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Devin "The Real Deal" McDonald Team Tompkins (London, Ontario, Canada)

4) Light Welterweight -142lbs
Erin Rasch Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH) Vs Kourtney McCarty Monroe County Martial Arts (Bloomington, IN)

5) Light Middleweight -159lbs
Ed Possings Alive & Kickin Martial Arts (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Brice Jameson Team Toro (Chicago, IL)

6) Super Middleweight -172lbs
Stan "The Man" Kordonskiy DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Mike Vaughn Functional Martial Arts Academy (Madison, WI)

7) Light Cruiserweight -186lbs
Chris Trautsch DRG (Boscobiel, WI) Vs Anibal "The Cannibal" Santiago Nikko-Ki (Rockford,IL)

8) Light Middleweight -159lbs
Jennifer Oeschner Alive & Kickin Martial Arts (Milwaukee) Vs Jennifer O'Bradovic Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH)

Neil Roberts Nikko-Ki (Rockford,IL) Vs Billy Horn Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH)

9) Middleweight -165lbs
Tony Aviero DRG (Milwaukee) Vs Peter Vanmatre Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH)

10) Welterweight -147lbs
"Loony" Toon Singmouangthong Nikko-Ki (Rockford,IL) Vs Steve Chung Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH)

11) Welterweight -147lbs
Mark "Machine Gun" Cribb DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Tim Riordan Team Lucky Strike (Madison, WI)

12) Super Heavyweight +212lbs
Rafal Czaplicki Nikko-Ki (Rockford,IL) Vs "Rumble" Ron Smith Ringsports (Indianapolis, IN)

13) Light Heavyweight Senior Boxing Exhibition
Mike Tarnoff Vs TBA

14) Light Flyweight -117lbs
Liz "Lil' Mo" Modaff DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Jacki "Poison" Ivey Team Toro (Chicago, IL)

15) Light Heavyweight -179lbs
Kyle "Wicked" Weichkardt DRG (Milwaukee) Vs Oliver Davis Siam #1 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

16) Heavyweight
Charmain "Not So Sweet" Tweet DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Trisha Eastwood Monroe County Martial Arts (Bloomington, IN)

17) Light Heavyweight -179lbs
Ketla "Action" Jackson DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Damian Smektala Siam #1 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Main Events 8PM

1) Light Middlweight Gladiators
"Nasty" Neal Fox DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs John Henderson Canadian Kickboxing & Muay Thai Centre (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

2) Super Middleweight Gladiators
Tom Grimmer Medina Gym (Waukesha, WI) Vs TBA

3) Heavyweight Gladiators
"Dirty" Doug Sauer Ringsports (Indianapolis, IN ) Vs Jacob "The Destroyer" Conliffe Team Tompkins (London, Ontario, Canada)

4) Heavyweight Gladiators
Travis "The Iron Man" Fulton AFA (Cedar Falls, IA) Vs Brian "Steel Dragon" McGee Team Tompkins (London, Ontario, Canada)

5) Horace "The Real Deal" Craft Box Off Gym (Cudahy, WI) Vs Brian "The Lion" Wright Team Lion (Oakhurst, NJ)

6) "Bam Bam" Bryce Franck DRG (Rockford, IL) Vs Mark "The Shark" Miller Iron City Gym (Jeanette, PA )

7) "Big Diesel" Jeff Ford Next Level, Kansas City, MO Vs "Mighty" Matt Ives West Palm Beach Boxing Club (West Palm Beach, FL)

8) Scott Lighty The Pit (San Luis Obispo, CA) Vs "Big" John Castle Ringsports( Indianapolis, IN)

9) Welterweight Gladiators
Oralee Molberg Wheat City Muay Thai (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada) Vs Melissa Misiuda Siam #1 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

10) Winner of Quarterfinal #1 Vs Quarterfinal #2

11) Winner of Quarterfinal #3 Vs Quarterfinal #4

Feature Fight
12) Middleweight Gladiators
"Crush'em" Casey Garza DRG (Milwaukee, WI) Vs Chris "Polish Hammer" Horodecki-Team Tompkins (London, Ontario, Canada)

13) KING OF THE GLADIATORS-Championship Match

Big ups to MMA fighters Travis Fulton, Doug Sauer, Team Tompkins fighters Jacob Conliffe & Brian McGee.

Glad to have you guys in Heavyweight Gladiators promotions.


great card buddy. If I wasn't going to San Jose that weekend I would make the trip for sure!

best of luck..

Good Luck TEAM TOMPKINS, and ROF Veteran Doug Sauer!!!


Thanks Sven. Keep up the great shows! Good luck to Duane in Japan!

AWESOME!!! Good luck to Sauer, Fulton, Castle and Ford!!!!

If anyone is looking for an amateur Muay Thai fight we have a slot open.

-172lbs 3x2 Muay Thai Rules No Elbows & No Knees to the Head
Tom Grimmer 9-1 Medina Gym (Waukesha, WI, USA)

Email me at

Grimmer is pretty good!

great is a pleasure to be fighting for you duke. best of luck on the show ..
doug sauer..ringsports

Thanks "Dirty" Doug!

You are going to have a ball at this event! Thanks for joining the Heavyweight Gladiators Kickboxing Series.

Being a former fighter I try to create an atmosphere that I would love to fight in & an event that is fun.

There is nothing worst that events that run way off schedule.

Or fighting with someones elses sweaty bloody gloves they used a couple fights before.

All the pro fighters will be keeping their gloves thanks to

I cant wait..sounds awesome!!!

thanks a bunch sven..hope to see you in the future..d.sauer


Hey Duke it is Shonie I am interested in Kickboxin on one of your shows sometime email me at

What's up Shonie? I will drop you an email later bro.


Shonie tell Brian & the guys I say what's up. I had alot fun & good work sparring with gang done at Shidokan a couple of summers ago. Let me know if any of the guys want us to come down again.

We are planning a trip down to Pat Militich's to kickbox spar with their team as well.

We are trying to fill these amateur fights. Email me if anyone is interested.

Super Middleweight -172lbs
Tom Grimmer 9-1 Medina Gym (Waukesha, WI) Vs TBA

Junior Boys
-100 lbs 11-12 yr old
Zach Poller 7-0 Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH)

Super Atomweight -111lbs
Ruth Wilson 2-2-1 Siam #1 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Super Lightweight -137lbs
Mina Reyes 0-1 Siam #1 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Heavyweight -212lbs
Jason Keneman 6-0 Team Rowe (Cincinnati, OH)


ttt for the Dirty one