King of the Kimura and 10 Finger guillotine DVD's

Hey guys I have gotten tons of emails and messages about when these were coming out... Well they are out and shipping.  They were done by Budo Videos and they turned out awesome.  The King of the Kimura DVD was basically a part 2 to my original Kimura DVD but even better.  The guillotine DVD is also super cool with lots of unique techniques...  Check em out at Budovideos...





TTT; Brennan is a ground machine w/ sick game.

Will buy.

I have his first set and they are great.Keep them coming ,Chris.


Hey Chris,

Call me back. Looking forward to getting these dvds.


they are a bit expensive comparatively to other dvds especially for the time. Not saying the material isn't gold, I have no idea.

What up Chris, give me a call.


Chris is a wonderful fighter but his fondness for rolling drunks in his youth and his love of bragging about it turns me off as a fan.

 Sorry Posty

Those stories are the best... Get over it. It was years ago. Chris is ALOT older now...haha

His first series is excellent. I think I'm going to dig them out and watch them until I get theses DVDs.

hook me up with a free dvd chris

i need the skills to make ma bread.

 What's up guys?  Sorry Jimbo no freebees but check em out they're sick.  Mauricio and Marc I will call later today good to hear from you guys.

There are some really slick set ups and transitions on these tings...but that's how I roll... Literally lol

 DvDs look interesting and I hope someone buys 'em so Mr.Brennan can at least afford a proper hair cut=p

Looks good, will investigate.


 Chris, You still sellin the first kimura DVD? 

 Kirik is