Kirik jenness ( president)

Kirik jenness (Mixed Martial Arts LLC, President) is   real one gentleman


 and i say him one words thanks for all things!!

Ali dehghani sheeva  promotor and president of iranian Vale tudo and UFC (IUFC) and AFC and Free fighting  iranian UFC  iranian Vale tudo  AFC ( submission wrestling) Free fighting   Kick boxing Wasko


Ali dehghani sheeva promotor and president of
1_ iranian vale tudo (IVT) from IVC ............
2_ Iranian ufc (IUFC) from ZUFFA ...... 3_ AFC ......... 4_ president of free fighting at Asia and iran from Turkish


ttt for dehghani. dehgani needs to fight in american ufc.

stevel20 : thanks Dear stevel20!!

i am translation to farsi (iranian langvage) on this addres :

don't most iranians want to set us on fire?

Kirik appreciates your kind words! I'm sure..

"don't most iranians want to set us on fire?"

Strangely enough, Iranians have a more favorable view of the US than the vast majority of Arab nations (source: some poll I read).


It can't be said too often - Kirik is a great guy. A few years ago he was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about the Fighter's Notebook, just before I purchased it. He was very helpful and friendly, like he always is on this site.

Thanks, Kirik, for the best web site ever!

yes the is the best web site of MMA in the world ___ thanks Kirik

I would like to meet that Kirik man one day

kirik is like jesus, yet unholy, not of god and gay.

"don't most iranians want to set us on fire?"

you do realize that iranians have the ability to think for themselves, just
like americans? ignorant statment of the year imo.

but, without hijacking this thread, thanks kirik deghani for
internationalizing mma and bringing it up a notch or a few.

Thanks for the kind words above, all of ya :-)

I hope to put some faces to screen names at The Arnolds this weekend.

I don't think a people should be defined by their leaders. The great thing about sports is the bridge is provides.

Kirik is the best in the MMA forum Biz......did you guys at Sherdog get that....MMA.TV is the BEST!

Kirik has reffed several of my matches at NAGAs in the past.

I lost the first, because I couldn't stop gazing at his awesomeness.


Dear kirik i wish that one day see you at my country