Kirik kill the samsung ad please!!!

Its still the Nissan ad that is killing me. Can't remove it, and I get it on every click on certain threads, so they are just dead to me.

Get NoScript and AdBlocker, and smash the site into submission.

was a problem for me on Saturday night, but hasn't happened since then.

I like to come on here, read the comments on the fights as they take place, put in my input etc, instead I couldn't do shit because of that ad for a few days.

I made a thread, nobody responded. From what I've seen there's been no apology or acknowledgement of this anywhere for trying to shove a full page ad down our throats no matter what the day of a PPV fight night. This forum really annoys me at times, and I disagree with how accountability in general is handled.

Trane - 
Brian Rule - LOL at using internet without Ad Block

That's not the point though....what does Kirik have shares in Ad Block?

They are trying to advertise Samsung yet the ad is crippling basic browsers from posting. Common sense would be to get rid of the damn thing.

common sense would be to do something about yourself if you can, which you can, and not bitch about it