Klitschko/Brewster reffing

Horrible reffing....regardless of the results.

Hey Buddy - still looking forward to the Enson fight..

You got that right. The ref was terrible - The KO came AFTER the bell then he stopped it between rounds. Terrible job. But props to Lamon for incredible heart.

wow, never seen someone knocked out in the rest period......

Also, the KO came from a punch to the back of the head. Wierd fight.

That was terrible to end the match in the rest period!

Mayhem - yeah, it was very unusual. Klitchko was nearly out and just as the bell rang Lamon launched a shot that landed an instant after the bell and looked to land on the back of the head. Then, instead of being "saved by the bell", the ref jumped in and stopped it about 10 second after the bell...

Ko to the back of the head, then the ref pushed him down, then stopped it. The whole fight he warned Wladimir for pushing, hmmm....He didn't warn brewster for holding. Brewster was ducking and clinching. Whatever happened happened but bad reffing and perhaps biased driven.

Yamato - biased? Maybe so, because as Lampley said "Don King has a smile wider than the Las Vegas strip". When King is involved, you never know... Still, Lamon showed amazing heart, fighting for his dead friend like Pulver vs. Uno.

boxing's refing is as good as their judging

Don King Prod..... HUH? Bad refing?

Boxing is the most corrupt sport in the world, but I think Klitschko was out eitherway... if he'd answered the bell for the 6th round, he woulda gotten KTFO'd anyway, IMHO.

"boxing's refing is as good as their judging"

This is so true. Every once in awhile you get a good judge or ref...

you're kidding, right? Wlad could've really gotten hurt had the fight continued. Do you want to see him die in there?

If the KO happened AFTER the bell, and was inadvertent, shouldn't it be ruled a no contest?

The ref did Klitschko a favor. Wlad would be on his death bed if the judge allowed it to go another round. Wlad could barely make it to his corner!

Call it what you want, but there was NO WAY Wlad could have continued...he was clearly gone. I put 20 on brewster for the hell of it, and am sure glad that I did!!

how much did you make on a $20 bet?

The reffing wasn't the greatest, but i don't think the outcome would have been much different.

I agree he was out but even his brother wanted him to come to the corner just to see if he could have recovered. I don't think he could have - but I'd like to have seen him and Vitale make the decision. These guys aren't dumb, they have PhD's, they would have stopped it if he hadn't recovered after the break.

I did pad my bet with some money on Brewster just in case and won. If you read the post it says regardless of the results. Watch the whole match, not just the knockdowns, yes Lamon was knocked down...