Klitschko/Sanders on HBO ,Byrd....

Klitschko/Sanders on regular HBO, Byrd/Golata for $39.95? What a joke. I love HBO's matches because they are just part of the cable price and they usually have better matches than their PPV matches. They better put a few title fights on that card, even so I won't buy it. Anyone getting the Byrd/ Golata fight?

Byrd/Golota for the IBF title

Ruiz/Oquendo for the WBA title

Mayorga/Rivera for some interim title

Simms/Garcia rematch for the bogus WBA title

Alvarez/Burgos for the WBA/IBF title (I think)

Everything looks good except for the two at the top. No way is this worth $40 especially if it's a Don King PPV.

Double post, sorry.

Isnt Mayorga out now?