Knee injury question

The inside of my right knee gets really sore when i bend it past a certain point. Its also sore to the touch. I asked someone and they said it might be my MCL. Is this worth getting checked out or should I just ice it?

get it checked immediately!

Do you rememnber what occurred to cause the pain, was there an audible pop, a sense of something shifting insidethe knee during an awkward movement? If yes to either of these then yes get it checked out. I blew my ACL during a D.T. instructors class and felt a dislocation in my knee and everyone heard the POP so there was no question that it was injured but the pain was not intense enough by itself to warrant an exam. Just because you aren't screaming in pain does not mean you have not caused a significant injury. You know your body better than anyone else, if you think it is bad get it checked if not ice, elevate, and take an anti-inflammatory (sp?.
If it doesn't get better in a week or two get it checked.

Just got my MCL surgery (had 70% of it removed) had it done on Dec. 27th and I was back to light bag work on Jan. 17th. I'm now running and doing some light kicks.

I'm glad I had it done, no more popping and locking out.

Sounds like an MCL sprain, always worth getting checked out, but as you see below, only a full MCL tear requires surgery.


The medial collateral ligament is located on the inside of the knee and is taut when the leg is straightened. It is a strong ligament but can be sprained or completely torn (ruptured) when the straightened leg is twisted at the same time as being knocked sidewards. This can be during a contact sport, as with a football tackle, or without contact, as can happen in a fall while skiing.

Grade 1 symptoms:

Mild tenderness on the inside of the knee over the ligament.
Usually no swelling.
When the knee is bent to 30 degrees and force applied to the outside of the knee (stressing the medial ligament) pain is felt but there is no joint laxity (looseness).

Grade 2 symptoms:

Significant tenderness on the inside of the knee on the medial ligament.
Some swelling seen over the ligament.
When the knee is stressed as for grade 1 symptoms, there is pain and laxity in the joint, although there is a definite end point (the knee cannot be bent sideways completely).

What can the athlete do:

Apply R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to the injured knee.
Rest from training.
Wear a hinged knee brace to support the joint, particularly for grade 2 and 3 injuries.
Wear a heat retainer after the acute phase.
Consult a Sports Injury Professional.
A Sports Injury Specialist or Doctor could:

Apply a support bandage or plaster cast.
Aspirate the joint (suck off a the fluid with a needle).
Apply sports massage techniques to accelerate rehabilitation.
Prescribe a rehabilitation programme to maintain leg muscle strength and mobility.
Use ultrasound or laser treatment.

luv2chokeu, I'm sorry for you bro ACL is much longer recovery. If you would have just had MCL you would be ready to work out in a couple of more days.

Don't get stressed about the weight, You can always work Bi's Tri's and forearms... :)

mcl and or meniscus

Thanks guys! especially nectrotic, It feels EXACTLY like what the type 1 described.

What I think happened was I saw sparring hard one time and threw a switch kick. I was really tired and kept my support foot flat and turned my hips over without turning on the ball of my foot. It felt wierd for a sec but then didnt hurt till the next day. Made me immediately think of Heath Herring.

Im going to start Icing it and taking it easy and see if it helps. If not, im going to the doctors.