Knee injury = teh suck

Biggest guy in our class (pushing 300) injured my knee in a side control transistion. Not intentional as we're all friendly, just sucks that the only treatment is time off the mat and allowing enough time to heal.

/end rant. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah that sucks. Make the most of it though. Study video, workout upper body finish project unrelated to jiujitsu. Get well soon Phone Post

I feel for you.

I was off for a month, awaiting what I thought was surgery on my meniscus, but found out I have a degenerative arthritic cyst on my knee.

For the rest of my life, it will be a factor, and will get worse, but we're going to try to control it with cortisone and synvisc combined with "lifestyle changes."

That means no more running, Oly lifting, plyo, or weighted squats. Everything but the running kills me. I used to compete in Oly lifting. It sucks. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks sirs! Surly my armchair bjj will improve signiicantly!

Going to doc on thursday to confirm its just a strain and nothing more serious Phone Post 3.0

I'm sidelined now too...just bored. Lol Phone Post 3.0