Knee on belly escape catchstyle

My training partner just came up with the greatest knee on belly escape ever that leads right into chains that tony shows you guys may or may not find this intresting but I thought Id share it anyway.

Here it goes step #1 you're opponnent has his knee on your belly
so you place your hands on his legs like your ready to do the big push on them,step #2 push hard and fast and insert your leg that is closest to his knee through the
middle of his legs as your other foot swings over the leg that he was using to pin you.I know this sounds complicated but it's not and is all done in one move but
the escape is not done yet.Step #3 now your opponnent will land on the ground guarranteed but he will roll so if he rolls into you then will have an inside heelhook/kneebar combo but most likely he will roll the other way because of the way his body lands,so as soon as he hits the floor use your hand to post and move right into a stepover toehold chain like tony ceccine.

This is an extremely good escape for the knee on belly
he caught me with this today out of know where after
we found this out I could not use knee on belly on him anymore so we just practiced this the rest of class We
included striking and everything it stops it all and that suprised me because knee on belly was my best weapon.
Have you seen this done before or is it new Ive never seen it done so if not my partner created one wicked escape to a dam hard position.

I learned this escape into the inside heelhook in BJJ class about 4 years ago, not with the step over though. I don't think it should be labeled as "Catch" as I've seen it in several grappling styles. Now a days everyone is blending grappling styles so it is quite difficult to label somehting as a specific "style".

better to have said knee on belly escape leads to Catch style stepover toe hold.

I enjoy your posts bustyourleg but please remember that paragraphs are your friend.