knee on belly question

The cbjj rules say only this:

"C-) KNEE ON THE BELLY: When the athlete on top puts his knee on his adversary's stomach, holding his collar or sleeve and belt with his other leg towards his adversary's head: 2 POINTS.

OBS: if the athlete that is underneath does not allow his adversary to put his knee down onto his belly and if the one on top does not establish the position completely, it will not be awarded 2 points but an advantage."

Does this mean no points if the top person's hands are on the mat, or if they are far armpit and crossface, even if the knee is all the way in and total control is established?



Points are still awarded in the two scenarios you mentioned. I guess the rulesbook is not as clear as it should be.

Knee on belly for 3 seconds, regardless of arm positions and knee placement = you get points, right?

Yeah, I have seen guys pop up from cien kilos to knee on belly still holding the head and the arm earn the points.

What about if the other knee is on the matt, rather than posting on the sole of the foot?

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I personally wouldn't award point if the second knee was on the ground. as i understand the rules it doesn't really matter what grips you take provided (a) the other leg is extended/posted and (b) you are postured up and not basically doing a 1/2 knee ride 1/2 side control sort of thing.

Hope that helps.


If the other knee is on the mat there are no points awarded.

Chris Lopez