Knee On Belly With Near Hand Pin

here's an alternative method of establishing control and transitioning to a good knee on belly especially against much bigger guys who might toss me.

This is a pretty good position to ride out for a while until your opponent settles down.


Interesting way to free up space for the baseball choke Phone Post 3.0

It's really good for a lot of setups:

- switch your other shin over the bicep and come N/S with kimura grip

- darce

-mounted triangle, since you easily get to mount with 1 arm in and 1 arm out

-mounted barrato plata (if they hide the other hand when you're transitioning to mount.

-stick with the canto strangle (my last thread)

-basic cross choke

You've got really good control of him....

Das pretty cool Phone Post 3.0

Nice. Gonna have to try Phone Post 3.0

Thanks! That's very cool Phone Post 3.0

anyone get any miles out of this at the gym? Any issues?

The canto strangle can take a while to get down, but this is something that I think can be worked in right away.

Cool man, missed it when you posted this one. Your stuff seems to work great for my game, thanks and keep them coming! Phone Post 3.0