Knife Defense Tape

I watched one the other day, it made my skin crawl.To think people out there are teaching to stand and fight a person with a knife empty handed is insane.Hint if the teacher says that even himself would most likely get cut doing one of these fancy disarms,a red light should go on.Hey I got an idea......RUN LIKE HELL.... until you can find a weapon to fight a knife with, a chair, a long stick, a baseball bat, throw a brick,beer bottle anything at the person.I will never understand this type of thinking.

First off, runnign isn't always an option. There are cases were you are going to be forced to take the fight to an armed attacker. It is better to have some idea of what to do during these moments than to simply be skilled in the "run away" method.

Well said, TKDFighter. It's all about giving yourself the CHANCE to run away.

Listen you all have the right to your own views.I have been in the protection business for almost 20 years.I have seen people get knifed let me tell you they didn't see it coming.That's how bad guys stick you by surprise.But videos that teach you to stand and pass the blade well you have the right to believe what you want.HINT YOU WON'T SEE THE BLADE COMING.I have a bud with a 9 inch scar on his tricep deep cut,you know what saved his life his flight response. Then pulling his weapon.CQB teachers will tell you you will get cut doing certain disarms.That is the truth.

The truth is.. there is no "truth". Every fight is different and what works in what fight isn't always going to work in everyone you get in.

Yes there are times when people get stabbed/cut and they never see the weapon until it is too late. On the other hand, there are plenty of people that do see the blade before there are cut/stabbed by it, so these people DO have an oppertunity to react prior to contact with the weapon.

Let me ask you this... what do you do if you are physically unable to run?

Story from Newspaper in Taiwan a couple of years ago.
Guy is walking in the park with his girlfriend. Another
guy jumps out of the bushes with a stick. Guy runs away to get help and leaves his girlfriend. With predictable result. At least he created himself a chance to run away.

TKDfighter, El Guapo, and straydog are correct, but I am concerned that they are also feeding a troll. Hell, I'll bite too, since I'm in such good company.

The premise of ALL self-defense is that you cannot always just run away (lack of escape routes, presence of other vulnerable persons for whom you have either responsibility or personal attachment). Otherwise, we'd be doing nothing but wind sprints. Ever.

If all tommy is saying is that you should take off when you can, to avoid a fight, this is basically redundant because the same is true of ALL confrontations. (Besides, every encounter is a potential blade encounter.) Reductio ad absurdum.

Idiots like tommydreamer like to feel smart by telling folks what they can't do. Well, that's pretty easy to do. But when I teach self defense, folks already know what they can't do, and aren't particularly interested in that. They want me to tell them what they CAN do, to create options for them.

The fallacy is this: you know how you can easily jack a guy without him being able to do a thing about it, or even knowing that there was a knife. True enough.

Then there's this enormous leap in logic to where the person says "nothing can ever be done, empty-handed, against any person who ever attacks you with a knife. This is ridiculous of course. Static line knife threats are common, and there are some very viable options in these cases.

Second fallacy: "I saw a really crappy knife defense tape with fancy disarms" ergo knife defense is unrealistic.

There is good and bad material out there, just as there is on self defense generally. If you're looking at some kali tape, or even Balicki's Defensive Edge (he's a good man, but I don't believe in the tactics on that series) no you won't find stuff that can be pulled off in a real situation, adrenaline dump and all. Darren Laur's PWA method and Blauer's Controlling the Blade, however, show things you CAN do.

Like most trolls, tommy includes correct information that does not support his claim, for instance, "CQB teachers will tell you you will get cut doing certain disarms.That is the truth." True enough, but this is by no means germane to the point at hand.

Should people train empty-hand defensive tactics? Absolutely.