knife training?

I'm looking to start training with the knife. My main objectives are offensive tactics for self defense and some basic defense. I'm very realistic about defending the knife and I know that most of the disarms and such taught out there are B.S. I know I'm going to get cut in a knife fight but I'm looking for a basic structure to work from. My training will be mostly independent with videos and willing partners.
Any suggestions for instructionals? Red Zone 2 from centerlinegym has come very highly recommended and I'm considering the STAB curriculum from the SBG seminar series. Any opinions on these or others?


I believe the videos you mentioned teach knife defenses, but not know to use a knife.

All those videos are good, but Bolo is correct: they only teach empty hand defenses vs. the knife. (For what it's worth, STAB is my favorite by far. I think it's EXCELLENT.)

I've heard good things about Lynn Thomson's Cold Steel series for offensive knife work, but I am not familiar with it personally.


The posts here and on the JKD forum are spot on - REDZONE and STAB are the way to go as far as unarmed knife defence is concerned (I personally prefer RZ, but they complement each other really well. The pick-up on RZ2 alone makes it worth getting.)

As far as using the knife goes, I think someone on the other forum already mentioned the Shivworks DVD. I don't know if Ray will ever get around to releasing a DVD, but either way I believe he is on the same page as the Shivworks DVD.



Thanks Tim. I knew I was leaving one out. I've heard very good things about the DVD from shivworks. It sounds like those 3 DVDs would be the beginning of a good system.

Any other thoughts?

Those three would provide a great basis. It really depends on where you want to go with the training - STAB & RZ will give you great unarmed v knife material, whilst Shivworks looks at the picture from the other persective; you're defending yourself from an assault using your own knife.

I haven't really seen any of the DVDs out there that deal with knife v knife, knife v stick, etc., as I'm fortunate to be close enough to Ray to have regular sessions with him.

It really comes down to what your goals are. Personally, I have practically zero intention of ever using a knife against another person - even if it wasn't illegal to carry one here in Australia, I've just made that personal decision (this is just my choice and others may make different choices for different reasons). With this in mind, I look for material that I'm going to enjoy training in an alive environment - the same way as someone who enjoys using a sabre for fencing isn't going to walk around carrying a sword down his pants. To cut this long post short, there is a lot of stuff out there that is tactical-this and tactical-that, but your best off looking for stuff you'll enjoy training in and that can be applied against a resisting opponent.

Having said that, let me know if you find anything interesting!!! =)



Hmmm... well that was extremely random... assuming for a second you're not just trolling... what exactly is it on the DVD that you don't agree with?

Given that most of the material on the DVD assumes you're the one with the knife, I don't really see how it will get you killed... arrested maybe... but killed???

Ray says the shivworks stuff is solid, good enough for me.