Know anything about this Bushido s

Does anyone know anything else about this Bushido show on Pay-per-view on Dec. 21st.

It said The Gracie Family VS. TEAM Japan

Can anyone else tell me more about it, like is it just grappling or is it NHB, who is on the fight card for both teams, will it turn into a sieries like pride, and were can I get more info about it.

They advertised it as the next step up from pride!

BUSHIDO: live on Pay-per-view: Dec. 21st 2003! ($20)
Gracies Vs. TEAM Japan

Thanx inadvance for all info!


it happened a coupel of months back but finally hits US ppv by the end of the month.For results check fcfighter or Sherdog.

btw,it starts at 9pm in the midwest

You really need to watch teh CroCop fight as well

Thanx, I cant wait!!!