Results? Attendance?Production?


I have been looking for 4 days now.The boxing results are up but no MMA. I will keep on looking.

I think that there may be a replay of it on USTREAM though. 

anyone? Steve Mccall win? Chester win?

Hester won UD over Washington

McCall won RNC over McAfee

Guarino won Ref stoppage because Anderson refused to fight?

Watson won UD over Marino

Wilson won RNC over Desire

results are on the GA athletic commision website

what was the attendance? How was production?

 I don't know about attendance or production.

The promotion was AWESOME. there was alot of people there not positive about the exact numbers it was a great show. VERY CLASSY. i will be fighting on the next one in Aug i was very impressed.

Austin what's the story with the refused to fight thing? Anderson just give up or what?

Oh and you should get a green name.

 I personally thought he took a dive and was more than pissed off about the performance, then i saw the pictures and hed did get hit a little better than i thought but still not enough to cause what happened

you can look me up on facebook the video is on my wall http://www.facebook.com/austin.guarino

nice venue????