Kodokan - International Student

Has anybody been a resdient or international student at the Kodokan in Tokyo? I might be in Tokyo for a few months (or longer!) and I was thinking of spending some serious time at the Kodokan to begin a formal practice of Judo; possibly initially as a resident student.

Any experiences or input would be much appreciated! Thanks!

ttt anybody?

man, at times like this i wish i wasnt such a cheapskate and just upgrade
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there are lots of posts on this, so maybe a bluenamer could help out by
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check out judoforum.com and do a search. there are lots of people on
those boards who have done what you are talking about.

as for me, ive never trained there, but ive heard the instruction is great. a
real serious player might prefer going elsewhere, but for the vast majority
of people, the kodokan should give you a great experience.

I dont know anybody who did that at the Kodokan. Know a few who did it at International Budo University. I am sure the Kodokan's is a much nicer, more gentle, experience.

good tips, thanks! keep 'em coming!

I believe they have a program for foreigners to get their blackbelts in 1.5 years

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