Kona BJJ

 I'm going to be at the mauna kea for a few days...can any of you recommend a place to roll for an old, crappy, white belt?

Moeller BJJ Arron he is a Black Belt ask around it is a small town

heard there might be a school in waimea also. someone told me one of bj's brown belts is starting one there.

tom, what dates will you be up there?

 I'll be there June 22-29, visiting Auntie's, uncle's, cousins... I'm the cousin with a mainland accent. (saw that posted on here somewhere)

The suck is-my cousin Kalei, who I really want to catch up with, is in a state owned hotel, soon to be moved to a federal facility on the mainland.

Anyway, between dinkin' around and visiting family, I thought I might get a roll in. See if I can get the bjj spark back while I'm in paradise.

Thanks for the input guys.