KOP the tame

I win. I expect the name change to IGaveFatheadaBJ asap.


ttt till you respond. don't welch on your bet


What fight did you guys bet on?

ttt for my boy Fathead!!!

We had a bet on the GSP/Penn fight. I had GSP

He won't welch. I saw him post about the nickname in a different thread, and he gives GSP the win fair and square.

Or is that fairly squarely?

LOL @ underhill

I know he was on last night I just want to see him come on here and let me know he is not going to welch. What thread was it on?

Umm. One of the million "BJ GSP ones" He said that he lost a screenname bet becuase of it, and he still says that GSP won. TTT for KOP's new name.

It was a fun bet KOP. Make a thread when you change your name so I can bask in the glory of BJ giving up after the first round. I will give you a chance to get your revenge at another ppv.