Koral MKM or Koral Classic?

Just wondering if there are any differences besides the patchwork with these gi's?

I have both and much prefer the MKM

Great Gi for sure! But they have raised the prices to ridiculous levels. Phone Post

I don't know if it has changed recently but I bought a Classic years ago and bought a MKM top a couple months ago. I was told that it was just patches but it looks like the MKM is one piece where as the classic has multiple pieces.

There is a horizontal seam on the back and two seams on the arms. The mkm has no seam on back and one seam on arms. MKM seems to be much more softer too. I hang dry and my Classic can almost stand by itself after dried.

Both are preshrunk although both shrank slightly. Although the MKM has shrunk noticeable less than the Classic. Also the MKM sleeve length is longer.

So an MKM is relatively different? Im most likely gonna get that anyway because I really like the Navy Blue one and they don't have that in classic. Any more input from anyone would be great, thanks.

If you want the MKM for the color look into other makes possibly that offers navy. I think Keiko Raca have navy gis. Isn't there a Koral light that comes in navy?

Anyway, the MKMs are nicer than the Classic IMO. If you got the dosh go for it. It's a solid gi and will last you a long time, I haven't heard anything bad about MKM if I recall correctly. Can't say the same for Koral light and Keiko Raca lol. Only reason I wouldn't pick up another Koral in general is because I feel it's too expensive, for me at least.

MKM is a bit longer, a bit lighter, a bit more expensive.

My MKM is my favourite gi (I have a SYR, Atama Mundial 9 and an academy gi) in terms of fit and comfort. I do not like the patches, and I'm wary of removing them as I've never done something like that before.

I removed all of the patches on all of my gis and I've never had a problem. The only patches I wear on my gis is my academy patch. I use a razor blade but seam ripper takes much less effort and it's much faster but either way it's extremely easy.

You can't even tell there were patches before. The tiny holes from stitching will disappear completely after a wash or training. The only thing that is sketchy are the shoulder patches. They actually are sewn inside to the lapel and impossible to completely remove the patch without busting stitches from the lapel. Well all of my gis have some stitching removed at the lapel when I removed the patch and they're holding up great. No biggie!

I will try removing the patches, starting with the back patch. At least if I screw up, I can put an academy patch there.