Koral or Dragao?

Thinking about ordering a gi or two from naguarda. Can anyone tell me if either one of these have an advantage over the other with their pants or jackets?

Dragao is thicker, but also a little bigger fit. Koral is nice though, I love my Koral.

You can find Koral kimonos @ www.jiujitsuprogear.com

Those are both nice gi's. If you are a tall skinny guy i think you might find those to be a bit loose on you. If you like a tighter fitting gi you might want to look into Atama or Keiko.

I really like Keikos.

just my 2 cents

orals are great gi's.I tried them once and fell in lovewith it. I am still waiting on mine to come in, and can hardley wait.

just buy a na guarda gi. i love mine , and the blue one is awesome.

naguarda has kick ass belts, also.

they say "jiujitsu" on em in cool lettering.