Korean Prospects that should be signed

Lately Korean fighters are on the come up, and I think this speaks to the level of fighters as a whole have improved vastly since the sport first being introduced to the country.

Here's some Korean prospects that should be signed.

Dong Yi Yang 25 9 wins by TKO. He's a middleweight from KTT. Has good wrestling.

Un Sik Song 25 8 wins. Very well rounded. Lightweight

Nam Ui Cheol 29 13 wins 2 losses. He's a good striker who's working on his wrestling. Also lightweight?

Hae Joon Yang. 4 wins light heavyweight. He's around his mid 20s and has good wrestling and knockout power.

I reckon most of, if not all are going to be making their names soon.

they've all gotten stronger by armwrestling fedor

CDO - Not only can they bang I hear they have a mean game of Star Craft too.


over 400 APM in the cage

Hae Joon Yang is better known as KOREAN FEDOR. He will inevitably wear UFC gold


Korean Top Team has some very skilled fighters.