Koscheck on Wife Swap

I know, I'm a fag.

I was flipping channels and stopped b/c one wife was pro boxer and
bragged about training cage fighters. It showed her hitting mitts in her
garage with her husband. Then later they showed her talking with a
dude that looked exactly like Koscheck hitting the mitts.

Names are Brad and Jennifer Alcorn from Fresno.

Does Kos train in someone's garage? haha.

Sad to see so many people were randomly watching Wife Swap...well maybe, I've never even heard of the show but assume it's a queer reality show.

I tuned in after I saw this thread, that trainer chic is a lil rough but Ive done worse and considered it a good night. LOL at the guy considering himself an athlete and having all of his medals and belts around the house, oh by the way... Hes a 470 pound "Competitive eater"

jennifer alcorn is a pretty well known boxer actually

mkd, what is wrong with oprah, dancing with the stars and figure
skating. i don't understand what you are getting at.