Kosta Tszyu's boxing style?

Can someone explain Kosta's fighting style for me?

I notice that he doesn't really bob and weave very much, he
usually extends his right arm (I assume it's to help gauge
distance), and sometimes I notice he doesn't hold his hands up

His opponents are usually the opposite, they're moving
everywhere, bobbing & weaving, very light on their feet, very

I have another question - the phenomenal P4P boxer that he is,
how do you think Kosta would fare if he fought (with his current
weight) up a weight category or two?

He holds his left hand out as do many European Amature Boxers. He is a freak so can get away with his hands down as his head movement is unbelievable, you need to get hold of the fight at the GoodWill Games between him and Forrest, then you will see how good he is...

Kostya seems to always be an underdog in his fights but somehow he always seems to find a way to make the tall, fasts and more skillful boxers lose.

"he's a stalker and looks like he may be outboxed easily"

If ever looks were deceiving this is the case.

Remember Kosta had over 300 amateur fights... He's a boxer's boxer and a class act...

Oh and he's got be smart to join the beautiful country that is Australia.

Hey Keats,

I also love in his fight against Jake Rodriguez, about halfway through the fight he pretty much drops his hands by his side and just dodges Rodriguez's punches like they're in slow-mo.

It's amazing to look at how talented he was back then, pure unlimited potential. When you see how fast and skillful he was, he could easily have become a Zab Judah fighter just as easily as the slugger he is today.

My favourite comment is that he is one-dimensional. He's proven way beyond a doubt he is able to make subtle adjustments in his fight plans to suit any opponent. Underrated in speed and defense. I probably would like to see him bodypunch a bit more, but hey, just being picky. He's the best 140 pound fighter in the world, no argument.

I think he still gets through 12 rounds with ease as he doesn't dance around for the 12 rounds got to be alot easier on the legs just moving in and moving your head out of the way of punches ;)

Your right pulsar you don't get the amature record Kostya has by being just a slugger.

I think KT can get away with having low hands as his chin is very strong. I think he lands his fair share of body punches - he put Diobelys Hurtado down with them. However, when you can land to head with that much force than early, do you really need them?

he got caught with his hands down and his chin up vs.phillips thats for sure...

Tszyu fights like a man with an insurance policy, and he's got two -- a strong chin and big time power. I think he knows people are wary of settling down and risking themselves to hit him.

If you get a chance, watch his fight with Vince Phillips. He takes a TON of massive right hand bombs from Vince, who was a legit banger at 140, and trades punches forever until finally his brain gives out on him. It's just and awesome fight and he seemed to learn from it.

Tszyu's style is pretty unique. Hard to find an historically similar one.