Kostya Tsyzu

Anyone heard anything about Kostya lately? A few months ago there were rumors of his coming back, any truth to that. I remember when he TKO judah, man he was popular. Damn good boxer- puncher, I actually believe he was the top P4p during his prime. To damn bad he had so many injuries, imo he was someone that I thought could have beaten, maybe even KO'd floyd.

His trainer wants him to retire but he wants to fight on for a little while I believe.

Last I heard of him he was on some Aussie ballroom dancing reality TV show. I think he even won it.

why does his trainer want him to quit, is his body that worn out, as far as injuries go? The guy is in his early thirties, so he should be good for a few years I would think, and the time that he has taken off should help him heal up. Having zoo back would really add some much needed skill to the division.

I think he's in his late 30's. His body was breaking down a lot on him before. Not likely to get better. Each man's limit is different. Think he's reached his.

he was 34 when Ricky beat him so he is 36 now.

He said he has never been more exhausted than when he fought Hatton.

but yeah, great guy, I hope he fights again.