KOTC results please!!!

Please post results.... my training partner and friend who i usually corner is fighting tonight, Mac Danzig, i couldn't make due to a few reasons.

Mac wins!!!!

Hey allesio hope one of the reasons is you training for Diego. I would love to see you in that fight again with lil more offance good luck dude

Mac's fight was excellent! What a show by both guys. Super technical
ground games.

Rebecca won her fight also. Armbar from guard at about 3 min. into rd. 1.

I saw Mac's stand up last week when he was at Tompkins. He was looking supurb!


i'm getting ready for Thiago Alves on Oct 10th

The girl fight was great they were better atheletes then most of the guys with better skills then most of them too.

so no one has full results??

That's awsome Mike!

Huge congrats to the REBECCANATOR!!

Congratulations Rebecca!

Thanks very much.