KOTC - Wet and Wild lol

Seriously how messed up was this event? Pissing down with rain the entire time, puddles forming all over the rubbery canvas. One of the more bizarre MMA events for sure lol.

Yeah, I remember that one. I know a few guys who fought in that one and said it made it difficult for both fighters in any position on the ground.

I was at that show. A pretty damn good card at the time, especially for KOTC; Yves Edwards, Dean Lister, Ricco Rodriguez, Paul Buentello, Guy Mezger, Pete Williams, Alex Andrade. Plus Tito and others in attendance. I was really upset that they did not have any sort of solution for the rain. I believe it was sometime in the winter and they really thought there was no chance for rain? I didn't mind getting wet in the seats, but when the fighters can't keep their footing, it really sucks.

I set up and tore down the cage for this show. I was soaking wet from 12 pm to 12 am. It sucked BIG TIME.

I dont see how the fighters could fight, that shit sucked, imagine slippingand pulling a muscle or something, or slipping and getting KO'ed fuck that they should have reschedualed..

that had to have sucked....the first time I saw it on DVD I couldn't believe they kept the event going....it was a GREAT KOTC card though


first time you saw it on dvd. man I am getting old. I have the vhs. bought it when it first came out

the water effected the out come of the fights...I always thought they should be taken off the fighters records

Most of the fighters didnt fight. It was raining so hard I couldnt believe it. It was also 40 degrees and fucking cold.

HMM , I think IRNBRU is speaking of another KOTC as this did happen 1 year ago at Soboba !!!!!!!

god that just reeked of unprofessionalism. "shit it's raining. well we already rented the parking lot. fuck it. have the event anyway"

Ya, Sak was there. He and a bunch of other Pride fighters did a autograph signing the next day. Got a bunch of stuff signed by him and others.

gayest name eva

Oh Hey Jack , You mean Sack ?^

jhedges helped train me for that fight.

"gayest name eva "

lol of course HKP was there!!

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I set up and tore down the cage for this show. I was soaking wet from 12 pm to 12 am. It sucked BIG TIME.

I was with you setting up that cage!! Chuck right?
Yeah this event was crazy.Same event were Rafeal Torre paid off that Samoan dude to work the fight against him.

Sabobba always rains

Ray , It was terrential. I mean Noahs Ark flowing.

word on the street is he went to prison for working that fight - and i believe it! have you seen him around lately? has he posted here lately? i think not! work a fight, go to prison...simple as that.