KOTC @ Zellers!!!

When I was doing my Christmas shopping I found a 4DVD set of King of the Cage @ the Zellers in St Catharines. I think that it is the first four events or something.

Just letting all the Ontario locals know.

I bought that as well. Got it for $10 :) Pretty low budget, but some good fights.

I hope they sell more MMA in Canada, there is a serious drought right now. You used to be able to get UFC at Blockbuster but can't now.

Rogers has KOTC though so that is cool otherwise it is shit.

I've heard about the "Smashing Machine" DVD being available at Blockbuster, but I haven't seen it anywhere.


Must get to Zellers ASAP!

Tim, email me at vmattei@sympatico.ca about training!!


Tim, when you got a sec shoot me an email! liborio1@hotmail.com

Damn it! My closest Zellers had nothing!

I got the KOTC 10 pack from CanadaMMA.com...the first KOTC was low-budget....no annoucers but they get better as you go along...good early fights with Ludwig, Rampage and Ricco

my zellers did not have any

Vince and Rick you both have mail.