Any news any results anyone??

KOTC Results as I remember them!

Fight 1 (8man)
James Lee vs Nathan White

James dominated from the start and got Nathans back sinking in the choke in the first round. Well done though Whitey for jumping in again!

Fight 2 (8man)
Adam O'Brien vs Andrew Molesi

Adam controlled the fight with take downs and G'n'P! and won via judges decision from memory. But he was injured and could not continue in the 8 man elimanator.

Fight 3 (8man)
Adrian Leatua vs Roy Pariente

Adrian got a strong pick up and slammed Roy to the canvas hard! Roy took it and positioned for a triangle immediately and then I think went to armbar to finish it! It was over very quickly and Roy was impressive!

Fight 4
Justin Murray vs Adam Bourke

Justin got an early takedown and then moved to mount and Adam could not move him from there. Justin rained down shots and the fight was stopped by the referee late in the first round! Well Done to Justees, and Adam showed a lot of heart not to quit, while he was recieving punishment from Justin!

Fight 5 (8man)
Daniel Collins vs Steven Lynch

A few blows were traded and Lynch had a little blood coming from his nose. Lynch then got a takedown and after a few more strikes moved to back mount and won via rear naked choke. But was unable to continue due to injury (I can't remember what injury though).

Kitty Kitty Dancers performed! And the Music band Korn was also in attendance at one of the ringside tables!

Fight 6 (8man final)
James Lee vs Roy Pariente

Roy was very impressive in his fight against Jamess Lee and there was several heel hook sub attempt throughout the fight and Roy looked to be a handful for James.

Then a bit of controversy crept in! While both guys were attempting leg locks (Both guys were on the ground) Roy kicked James Lee in the face, it was deemed to be an illegal blow and the fight was going to be restarted after James Lee was given time to recover but when he said he could not continue the fight was deemed a "No Contest" much to the dislike of the crowd! As I said before Roy was very impressive and I am looking forward to seeing more of his fights in the future.

Fight 7
Ali Khawchedar vs Aaron Ryan

Aaron who was slightly smaller than Ali took the fight to him and as they hit the fence secured a guillotine choke and it was over in the first round.

Fight 8
Dave Frendin vs Gordon Graff

A good fight with Dave using his experience to force Gordon onto the fence and get a takedown, Gordon managed to stand back up and a few blows were traded, the rest of the first round was spent with Gordon defending takedown attempts.

The second round started like the first ended but this time Gordon was distancing himself after each takedown attempt by Dave. And Gordon was then able to land a few good shots on Dave that rocked him and the fight was stopped part way through the second round.

Fight 9
Bonello vs Hoffman

Tony came out looking focused and Hoffman looked calm. In the first excahnge Tony caught Hoffman with a big right kick to Hoffmans thigh, Tony kept moving around the cage and then landed another big right kick to Hoffmans thigh and Hoffman limped forward after Tony, in obvious pain!

More circling by Tony and then a punching flurry by Tony that caught Hoffman and he went down, Tony kept his distance and allowed Hoffman to get up. Hoffman then came charging at Tony and they hit the fence fairly hard and then Hoffman went for the the takedown and as he threw himself and Tony to the ground, Tony landed and moved quickly to back mount. several punches later Hoffman tapped out...

Tony never once even set up for a sub and said after the fight that he wanted to start winning his fights by strikes and was also interested in doing some kickboxing fights. And that he will be returning to the lighter weights now! 84kg I think he said!

In my opinion Hoffman seemed a little stunned by the first leg kick. I realise because this is one of Tonys fights that there will be a lot of differing opinions as to how the fight went down and as one person has already stated he thought it was dubious?

From ringside I thought it was a dominant showing by Tony, I hope to see him fight some good calibre middleweights in the near future! Well Done Tony!

All things considered the night went fairly well! There was a number of late pullouts, but all in all there was also a number of good fights! I enjoyed refereeing but must admit that I much prefer fighting, and I am looking forward to getting back in the cage in July!

I reffed the first 7 fights with Tama finishing the night! As for attendance, early on in the night there were a number of empty seats both upstairs and downstairs, but the place was packed for the last 3 or 4 fights!

Thats all I can remember at the moment, I'm interested to hear what some of the other that were at the show thought of the night?

Brad Morris

I think Friday night fights always make it hard for fulltime workers to get there on time, this is maybe why they came late.

Tony at 84kg and kickboxing, there would be some great opponents in that weight range in Australia.

Roy should have won!! James Lee was gassed, and after a couple of failed sub attempts he knew Roy was getting on top.

If both me are on the ground isn't it legal to kick to the face as they were both trying to leg lock each other??

The rules say that you can't kick a downed opponent on the head but this is assuming that the other fighter is standing up.

If both fighters are on the ground doesn't say anything about it and the rules are clear that you can't elbow at all during the fight and you can't elbow or knee the opponent on the face when on the ground.

Cloncusion: Roy used a legal kick once he was on the ground and should be awarded the victory if the opponent couldn't continue or at least the ref should take one point off him in the judges card and the fight should keep going on restarting from standing up again!



James Lee fought twice???

thanks for the results Brad, cant wait to see u fight in july mate.
ttt and all the best

The rules as explained to me at the rules meeting stated kicks to the face of a downed opponent were illegal, whether the kicker was standing or grounded.

Its a shame really that James Lee couldn't continue, it was a great effort by Roy and he should be proud.

I haven't viewed the wording of the rules used at that event, however, I am confident it is irrelivent (sp?) if the kicker is down, standing kneeling whatever.... If the person kicked is down then the rule "No kicking a downed opponent" has been breached.

Shame the match didn't have a concisive result and musta been a big effort from Roy, who I think is circa 80kg?


Thanks MMAFun!

What makes Roy's performance even more impressive is the fact he is only 22.