krav maga or kali??

I want to train standup techniques for self defense i read some good thing about krav maga and it use weapons example: sticks, and guns well i only want to practice with sticks for the moment, but i know kali is good too, any advice kali or krav maga seminar i have a base in kickboxing, bjj, aikido but almost nothing about the use of sticks or train in self defense enviroments.


KM (krav maga) at least has full contact boxing sparring and some of them have BJJ coaches to. It stresses athleticism as the fundamental most important thing.

Its def not too bad most of the time. Go to an NHB gym or a SBG if you can though.

I'm not sure about Kali or KM for stick work & weapon defense. SBG has their own stick program & edged weapon defense tactics as well. To me, they are always a mile ahead of the best of the rest.

The problem is in my country Peru there arent nothing about SBG if i dont have a visa to Usa and learned. Well in one month is very possible i can travel to ArgentIna and train and have 2 OPTIONS: Kali or KM for IMPROVE MY SELF DEFENSE skills with stick work and barehands.
Thanks for the advices.

Check out both classes and see which one is more to your liking.

Some Krav Maga classes are hard core almost NHB classes and some are more like TKD or cardio kickboxing.

I'd go with Kali but then again it could be a bunch of freaks who don't do anything but stand around and try to look good with their sticks.

Check out both and go with whichever one you like the most.

Quispe, would a boxing gym be an option for you?

Agree with Mule, I have seen watered down versions of both that would waste your time. I have also seen really good kali and KM schools. Go check them both out with your BS-detector set to "high". You'll make the right choice.


I will check both KM styles i like a lot train with sticks too, lameco esgrima is a good style??
About boxing i was training a bit time before A1.

Lameco is very good, as long as your instructor believes in sparring and progressive resistance. ;)