Kristi Bowersock Claiming to be with ADCC

For anybody that has had anything to do with Indiana/Ohio MMA, you know what pieces of crap Mike and Kristi Bowersock are, and how full of it they are...

everything from claiming to be best friends with Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman, to screwing fighters out of money, and countless other less than reputable practices... Kristi's latest claim (which I really have no idea if their is any truth to it) is that she is working directly as an "Executive Assistant of Operation at Abu Dhabi Combat Club"...

can anyone verify if this is true or not???

see next post for screen shot

also, disclaimer, i'm not "connected with her" she just showed up in the "people you may know" on linked in

Kristi Bowersock

Executive Assistant of Operations at Abu Dhabi Combat Club ChampionshipsStudied at Ivy Tech Community College of IndianaLives in Columbus, OhioBorn on December 3, 1966

Big deal,she has a fancy title.Her duties can be as small as distributing flyers.

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