Kron doing MMA next year

All he needs is a good team.

He will be with Cesar's camp considering he has been up there multiple times to help both of them out. At least they have good boxing instruction up there. He will need some help with his wrestling.

He does train judo weekly...may even train at the same place a Xande.

That is going to be interesting Phone Post 3.0

EddieBravo - One of Bjj's elite entering into MMA should be great news on a Bjj forum. It is to me. Kron may or may not transition well into the cage but it's gonna be very interesting finding out.

The very few savages on this planet that have the balls to fight Mma can complain all they want. I try not to let it bother me. They put themselves thru hell while we just sit back and watch them go to war with a beverage in our hand, we should try to have alot more respect for them, IMO :-) Phone Post 3.0
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Just as long as he takes his time and doesn't jump in to the big league to fast I think he will do really good. Phone Post 3.0