Kron Gracie : Rizin 9/25/16 Phone Post 3.0

How striking actually looked decent. Pretty good head movement and reflexes and his punches had som zip on them. Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

Dominating performance by Kron over a real veteran with a ton more MMA experience. Phone Post 3.0

Kron is an incredible grappler and his striking looked on point.

he trains with the diaz brothers and we saw a lot of that level of accuracy in his in strikes.

he took out a really tough veteran .



Begun, the Kron war has...

Ttt for later Phone Post 3.0

Good win for Kron.  Tokoro absolutely beat the shit out of a much larger Royce a few years back so he's no scrub.

Great win for Kron. He's the real deal. Phone Post 3.0

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Good win for Kron.  Tokoro absolutely beat the shit out of a much larger Royce a few years back so he's no scrub.


Not too many mma fighters know how to implement their bjj. Kron is similar to maia, they both use their jiujitsu flawlessly. There's been plenty of bjj world champs come into mma and get destroyed and the typical mma fighter has a shitty guard. Kron and maia sweep, pass the guard, go straight to the back and choke. And they make it look easy.

id imagine we will see Kron in the ufc eventually. Because he's Kron gracie. Unless his dad wants to shield him from real competition so he can be an undefeated fighter in Japan his whole career.

I hope he is working his wrestling like Maia had. Phone Post 3.0

I thought Kron might get his ass kicked as Tokoro has over 50 fights and can handle a lot of people, I'm glad I was wrong.

I liked the bit about bringing a bag full of gear to training because you never know what Nick will have you doing on any particular night of training. Phone Post 3.0

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pretty sure kron will never come to the ufc. he can remain undefeated, defend dad's legacy, and make money in japan

so tokoro was 39, kron 28


when tokoro fought royce, royce was 39 and tokoro 28

Maybe he gets caught at some point but nobody is out grappling him in bjj.

Weakest part of his game is takedowns and takedown defense but he's working on that

+ it really doesn't matter if you are one of the best bjj guys on the planet.

2 years from now people will either consider him the goat

Or he'll be like askren

One of the best fighting guys who aren't.