Kron's Absolute matches?

Anyone know who Kron fought? He was supposed to fight Carlos Melo in the 1st round. Carlos is 220 lbs. How many other guy's out weighed him??

pretty much everyone outweighed him.

outside of melo, he competed against chris moriarty in the finals: he caught chris with an armlock from the guard after a failed morote seoi nage attempt where chris almost took kron's back

cameron diffley: he caught cameron after cameron nearly swept and kron caught the x choke on the way over.

someone from ricardo almeida (maybe tom deblass?): who pulled half guard on him, began to sweep then got caught in kron's triangle on the way over

a big guy from alliance in the semi-finals. the guy from alliance took kron down (no points) when they were out of bounds. Kron armdragged to the back, got the hooks and choked him.

wow. I used to think he was a strict pass, mount, collar choke guy. Clearly his game has evolved and he's catching people with armbars, triangles, and armdrags to the back. Kron is scary good. Meanwhile, Octavio Souza who he faced twice at brown, just beat Lovato Jr. in the blackbelt absolutes!

Wow Souza beat Lovato Jr?

Man, Kron Gracie is the fucking man... I think popular opinion would say Moriarty should be a black belt, and Kron tapped him. This kid is a machine, straight up and down.

well kron beat octavio last year, and octavio is in teh absolute black belts beating seasoned guys like lovato jr.
kron is at black belt level thats for sure

how did souza beat lovato?

Anyone know how many tournaments in a row Kron has submitted every opponent?

I read that he has over 30 sub victories in a row.

Its got to be somewhere around there.

I think Kron's streak is closer to 40 now if you start with the purple belt wins.

I believe Souza beat Lovato on points.

Damn, it would be nice if someone could put all of those matches together on one DVD!

That would be cool.Id buy one if they made one.

^Doesn't matter, I want to see a MATCH between them.

I was told by "someone" that Kron did "very well against Marcelo"!

Kron also trained with Demian Maia after the last Worlds at Rickson's school. They didn't go all out but definitely pushed each other. Very interesting to watch.

Marcelo on Kron; it's towards the end of the clip.

any vids of his matches at this years Pan Ams yet?


You're watching the same video interview right? Nowhere does Marcelo ever state that they caught one another. Obviously, by your sn, you're a kron fan, but don't make shit up.

ttt for some more vids.