Kudo vs Combat Sambo vs MMA

Which do you guys like the most for training or simply as a system?

Although theoretically they all seem similar there is a very distinct "flavor" with each.

How well does kudo and combat sambo come across to MMA as opposed to training pure Mma ? Phone Post 3.0

I still see the combat sambo as a little rough around the edges. Sports sambo is a beautiful art but the striking of the combat guys seems very athletic but still a but unrefined. Transitions are excellent.

Kudo seems pretty awesome as well but despite the same basic format it's got a very different feel, range etc to it.

It's still early days but interested to get people's opinions Phone Post 3.0


Russian kudo champ signed with the ufc a few months ago. Adam khaliev. Bad ass motherfucker Phone Post 3.0