Kukuk/Gracie or Kukuk A-Z

On the last episode of The Underground Forum, the guys were talking about which DVD instructional was best. A lot them recommended the Gracie/Kukuk series. Matt Hughes continued to taunt Jorge. I have also seen the Kukuk A-Z series on sale. Is it better than the one with Renzo? Is it worth the extra $40?

Have you seen the A-Z?

Any more opinions on this?

Both old but actually very good still. Been forever since I saw the Renzo-Kukuk ones. The A-Z set has a ton of moves and is pretty great for anybody with 2 years and under training. It shows both gi and no gi and is really unorganized with how it is shown as far as the order of techniques, but if you can get past that, there are a ton of techniques on it.

i think the Cesar Gracie set is better, but ith less moves then A-Z