Kurt Angle wants to fight in the UFC - Interview

Kurt Angle talking about fighting in MMA

he has been saying the same shiet for the last 5 year...


"I just did my physical this past year with Dana White. The problem is I'm not allowed to wrestle and fight. Dana White will not permit that."

"I’m a UFC die hard. Strikeforce yeah, I looked that way... but the one I want to fight for is Dana White."

"I do want to do the UFC, the MMA thing and hopefully God willing it will be in the next year or two."

"I don't consider myself a pro-wrestler, I consider myself an Olympic gold medalist. Brock [Lesnar] and Bobby [Lashley] were great wrestlers but they weren't anywhere near where I was. I'm in the top 5 of the greatest amateur wrestlers of all time."

"Some of my fellow Olympians are Randy Couture, unfortunately he didn't walk away with a medal in the Olympics but he's still an incredible wrestler. I would love to see how I would fare against him."

"Brock Lesnar is the real deal, he's an animal. Bobby Lashley is up and coming and is going to be great. But I don't know where I'll be, light heavyweight or heavyweight. I can make either one like that."

"I train at the Pittsburgh Fight Club. My trainer is Eric Hibler. Not a lot of people know who he is, but that's a good thing. What I'm going to use is what I do best and that is wrestling and ground and pound."

The Dana won't let him fight and wrestle at the same time!  If he leaves TNA, we will see him in the UFC...I think he might be too old to cut it with some of the younger guys in the division, but I would be interested to see what he could do.  He is a much better wrestler than anyone in the UFC...atleast on paper.  Would be interesting....

he's too old and riddled with injuries

rofl kurt angle is a drug fiend and we all know what he 'really' is about.

That being said, he'd be great. he was an ammy stud

He would never pass a drug test. He's a drug addict for crying out loud.

 Shit or get off the pot, IMO.

didn't tapout superstar kristian geraci train at pittsburgh fight club?


does anyone have the vid of puder submitting him on that wrestling reality show?

Daniel Puder vs. Kurt Angle

Retarded Endings to Wrestling Matches - 39 - SAVE_ANGLE.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...Angle should've started MMA a looong time ago.
Most likely we'd have had some classic match-ups with him and Couture.

oh well ;p

frontrowbrian -  What was retarded about the finish? It was a freestyle wrestling match with submissions allowed. Puder got the kimura but he pinned himself. The ref should have simply counted ONE. Not the standard 1,2,3 in professional wrestling.

i didn't make the title...


2o years too late

Kurt Angle will fight for the UFC when GSP wrestles in the Olympics and Carlos Newton becomes an MD.

lol "I'll do what I do best thats wrestle and ground n pound" the guy think he's already a mma fighter

that isnt a current interview...years ago..old news

K-Dub-"T" - 
jujubre - he has been saying the same shiet for the last 5 year...
He'll keep it up for 5 more

both responses are correct...thisisnothing NEW to say the least