kyokushin and muay thai roundhouse

I know, it's not completly black and white how each style throws the roundhouse kick, and hopefully this hasn't been asked before.

Does anyone train both ways to do their roundhouse kick? With the leg kept fairly straight and with the knee chambered?

It seems that both would have advantages and disadvantages, just wondered or if I should just stick with the one that works best for me

I have studied both styles and incorporate both types of roundhouses in my training. Kyokushin throws there RH with a hard chamber and coming to the target in a circular motion and then down into the target. Hard chamber disguises the kick a bit. MT throws theirs with a soft chamber (slightly bent leg, some totally straight) and it comes into the target at a 45 degree angle and then down (some MT instructors don't turn it down, depends on the camp I guess). They are both very effective and powerful just two different delivery methods, I suggest you learn both. One thing I will say, the MT version really teaches you to relax your leg (deaden the leg) which is great. This is my opinion and experience, anyone else?

Hi. I am new to this forum, but primary training is in Kyokushin and I guess you could say I cross train in Kickboxing. this thread has brought me out of "lurk" mode :-)

Check out this link for more information and nice pictures to illustrate:

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very cool site. too bad the links didn't work.

Fight Continously and you'll probably adapt to the MT kick. Once you get the knee up before you roll over the hip and kick as one big baseball bat you'll find no need for snapping or chambering. Pushing the hip thru the thigh or up to the head is pretty disguisable. The chamber kicks are weaker and more telegraphic in my opinion. I'm glad that I don't throw those any more.

From what I have observed MT kicks are more powerful, BUT with their commitment if you miss, you are vulnerable. With the KK kicks, it allows for a quicker recovery. That's why I was curious to see if people practiced both or chose one over the other

I sort of do both. I like a stiff leg kick for low and middle. If I miss, I turn my hips down so hat I do not spin all the way through and I stepm out. For high kicks , I like the Kyokushinkai version( I train mostly for nhb so I always think about takedowns


In NHB I'll us quick 50% thai kicks sort of like a quick jab in boxing and then when I see an obvious weakness I'll go 100%. Maurice Smith and Marco Ruas did that a lot. Instincts are so important so if you mechanically change your kicks a lot I think it makes it more difficult. Although if your method works for you then keep doing it. Regardless, I think tempo changes, power, and speed are so important in any full contact event.

I prefer throwing them the kyokushin way (tight-chamber) because this facilitates faking roundhouses, pushn kicks, axe kicks, and side kicks since they can all start in a similar fashion.

The difference in power is small, the difference in speed is extreme. I have trained both ofr many years and I love both styles. MT has better hand techniques amd combos.

But the Kyokushin kick is so much faster, its well worth learning.

The KK kick uses the shin for low kicks but will also use the foot, there isnt the same weight commitment and you deliver a kick that also give you an additional 6-8 inches over the Thai kick.

Keep in mind the Kyokushin kick is a KO kick.

And you deliver a kick that is faster and hits from farther away, two things to keep in mind when facing a grappler.

I guess I would have to see it. It's hard see it from words. I have also done TKD and Okinawan karate where you chamber and snap the kicks. I Prefer the Ruas, Smith, and Rizzo multi tempo of Thai kicks. I actually think it is quicker unless you load up the bomb... Again like the jab in boxing. If any of you are in Phoenix let me know and we'll trade methods.

Rad, the KK kick has been used to good effect in K-1. Pettas won the Japan GP with this kick. The site listed above shows how this kick is somewhat different from TKD and other karate.

In the kyokushin roundhouse, the foot is chambered. But it's radically different from the tkd or trad karate roundhouse because all the power comes from the hips (just as with the muay thai roundhouse).

knockdown you the man


That is what I was going to post

Good to hear, Jason.

Then there's the "Brazilian Kick", which is an almost completely concealed roundhouse to the head. It's not as powerful as the standard kyokushin or muay thai roundhouse, but it's faster and really hard to see coming. Filho and Feitosa are great at this one. Andy was fantastic at it, but he rarely used it in his later career.

I would say as most MT ppl spend (and have spent) more time perfecting the kick (I should think) that the MT would be more effective overall. Also if the KK kick is similar to the kickboxing snap-like roundhouse kick then they wouldn't be as powerful, or nealy as fast. There are different types of MT kicks, ranging in speed and power (tho tbh I don't know that much about them.)

The K1 guys that used whichever kick to use the K1 tounrey was prolly a MT kick - just similar to a KK k - those guys only really train MT as far as I know?